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AP20 Sampling System

Sampling system for use with the Kitagawa detector tubes. Includes sampling pump with integral sample time indicator, precision volume sample locking mechanism, glass tube tip cutter and fragment container plus carrying case, 2 pcs of rubber tube connector, 1 pc of grease and an instruction booklet.

Detector Tubes

Detector tubes for the Kitagawa AP20 sampling system. Over 300 gas and vapour detection tubes are available for the sampling pump. Each box contains 10 detection tubes to enable 10 gas measurements (or 5 measurements for specialist applications with pretreat tubes).

Special Detectors & Accessories

A range of gas samplers and extras for specialist applications. From extension hoses for confined areas to sampling soil probes to compressed breathing air sampling to flue gas sampling, the Kitagawa extended range offers specialist solutions for your gas detection needs.

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