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  • Product code: 2112B012780 Multigas VOCs CO SS Gas Sensor - MICRO version, 0-1000ppm CO equivalent Multigas VOCs SS gas sensor in small MICRO pin version, 0-1000ppm CO equivalent
  • Product code: 2112B019900 SS PCB 0.02-4.8V & Digital I2C-Bus Transmitter for 4 Series Size and Micro Gas Sensors SS PCB 0.02-4.8V / Digital I2C-Bus Pluggable Transmitter suitable for all 4 series and Micro size gas sensors   This is a pluggable transmitter offering 0.02-4.8 Vdc and digital i2C-bus output. It is suitable for use in combination with all Euro-Gas sensors in 4 series and Micro solid state sensor sizes.
  • Product code: 2112BC500 C5 Miniature Integrated Sensor Board CO2 I2C C5 Miniature integrated i2c/PWM sensor board for VOCs and CO2 monitoring