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Increase in Global Radon Monitoring

Radon monitoring is becoming increasingly popular in instrumentation and monitoring worldwide for both domestic and industrial applications. Our Radon SS sensor is a unique design of high performance phototransistor gas sensor component with a standard range of 1750 pCi/l Rn. It has a field range of 0-65K Bq/m3 and resolution of 1 Bq/m3. This sensor […]

INTRODUCTORY OFFER! Carbon Dioxide CO2 Portable Analyser

CO2-SS-20 Carbon Dioxide CO2 Portable Analyser – Introductory Special Offers! Introducing the simple and highly accurate handheld Carbon Dioxide (CO2) analyser, specially developed to measure, verify and validate CO2 levels in CO2 incubators, proving popular in medical departments, research and laboratories, and by field service engineers to repair, validate and calibrate CO2 incubators and equipment. Advanced […]

WANTED! European Distributors for Komyo Kitagawa product range!

  We are currently looking for Distributors in European countries across all industries and markets to distribute the Komyo Kitagawa Gas Detector Tube System and range of products. If you are a Distributor with a proven track record in selling gas detection or safety products, and would like to enhance your product range, why not join us? Full training, […]

ECO-Sure X CO sensor – with 10 year warranty!

The ECO-Sure CO gas sensor is trusted in millions of CO detection devices and instruments across the globe. We now introduce the ECO-Sure X version, which comes with a 10 year warranty, offering a unique selling point for Original Equipment Manufacturers and safety installation companies alike. Ask us for more details!

NEW! CO2 Environmental Monitoring System

The new EMS Environmental Monitoring System is a low cost, high sensitivity CO2 and indoor air quality monitor. It incorporates our advanced C2 infrared Carbon Dioxide sensor and is designed for monitoring indoor air quality in hotels, schools, offices, homes and public buildings. The affordable wall-mounted system measures the concentration of Carbon Dioxide in the […]

NEW high sensitivity Carbon Dioxide CO2 sensors!

  NEW high sensitivity Carbon Dioxide CO2 gas detection sensors!  Our new infrared sensors offer fast response, ultra low power – 3.5mW – and are the perfect choice for low concentration markets including Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). The sensors are ideal for portable instruments, particularly battery powered instruments, and have optional […]