Gas Generators - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have a question or a technical query, please email us with details of your query to: [email protected].

  1. If you are looking to generate Chlorine across the whole generating range of the unit of 0.5-20ppm, then we will calibrate for the full range at 10ppm and 20ppm.
  2. If your normal Chlorine generation level is below 3ppm, then we calibrate the generator for this low range at 1ppm and 3ppm, as the calibration curve is nonlinear at the lower end. This is the most popular for water authorities and water applications.
  3. Alternatively, we can offer calibration for the mid range generating applications at 0.5-10ppm. Calibration will be at 3ppm, 5ppm and 10ppm.

Please note: It is possible for the same unit to be recalibrated back to full or lower range in the future, if required.

500ppm hours = If you set your generator at 1ppm it will provide 500 hours of generation.

If you set your generator to 10ppm, it will give 50 hours of generation. If you are utilising the unit for normal calibration of 5-10 minutes, this represents approximately up to 3 or 4 years of usage prior to replacement of the cell. If the electrolyte cell turns blue (it should be green), this would indicate that the cell is reaching the end of its calibration life. A cell reaching the end of its life may also cause erratic output and the unit may not operate as it should. This would suggest that a replacement cell is required.

We recommend that the unit is returned to Euro-Gas on a yearly basis for recalibration and servicing. A quotation will be provided on return for the cost for recalibration, servicing, any parts and return carriage. If you would prefer to calibrate and service from your side, a manual is available. There is also a filter, which should be replaced every 3 months with normal usage, operating in a clean dry atmosphere. Changing the filter regularly will prolong cell life. Please see operating manual for details.

The unit charging time prior to first use is recommended at between 8-12 hours.

The accuracy is +/-10% or 0.25ppm, whichever is the greater. Therefore at lowest range 0.5ppm, the accuracy of +/- 0.25ppm would be applicable.

The warranty period is 12 months for the gas generator and 6 months for the generating cell.

Gas sensor manufacturers often advise that Chlorine gas is used for cross-calibration of their Chlorine Dioxide, Phosgene, Hydrogen Fluoride, Ozone and Fluorine sensors. The cross-sensitivity is often around a 1:1 ratio so that Chlorine can be used as a surrogate. The GazCal offers Chlorine generation at low range for such cross-calibration. As all manufacturers’ sensors vary, please determine the sensor being used in the equipment and refer to the individual sensor’s technical datasheet for exact cross-sensitivity or contact the relevant sensor or equipment manufacturer for further advice.

The GazCal is manufactured and precalibrated to order. Payment is requested prior to manufacture and despatch. Please allow a lead time from receipt of Proforma payment against order of approximately 2-3 weeks. Volume orders may increase lead times. Please refer to our purchasing terms and conditions for details.

Yes, we have over 30 years of experience in despatching worldwide. Please note: the cell in the GazCal is classified under hazardous regulations ‘UN3363 Class 9’, which requires special packing, additional labelling and transportation documentation for IATA Air freight or IMCO Sea freight. However, this class is not subject to ADR road regulations.

We are also pleased to use your Company’s own freight forwarder on request. Please check with your freight forwarder in advance to ensure that they are qualified and certified to pack, label and transport hazardous class ‘UN3363 Class 9’ for IATA Air freight or IMCO Sea freight. Please note, there is a nominal packaging/administration charge applicable where goods are collected ex works or despatched on a customer’s carrier account. This charge covers the packaging and administration necessary for safe transit of each consignment.

Import restrictions: Please be advised that if the country of destination is subject to any special import terms, restrictions, export or import licences, Euro-Gas do not accept responsibility for such situations or documentation and it is the responsibility of the consignee to ensure that any products or services supplied by Euro-Gas are in accordance with such requirements as may be specified by their country or Governmental body. Should special import documentation be required, Euro-Gas must be advised prior to acceptance of Order and Euro-Gas will provide a quotation for the production of any such special documentation required to be either legalised or certified by the country of destination. Customer is responsible for arranging any applicable customs clearance and is responsible for any local taxes, duties and insurance payable.

The HS code for the unit is 85433000. The HS code for the chlorine cell as a separate item is 85439000.

Please provide your order to us in writing by email or fax, including your requested items, calibration and flow rate required, full delivery and invoice address and your contact details.

Once we have received your order, we will issue a Proforma Invoice and payment details by return. Proforma payment is requested prior to manufacture and despatch of goods. Payment may be made via Bank-to-Bank wire transfer or VISA/MasterCard (conditions apply – a 3% surcharge may be applicable on total invoice values over UK £ 500-00). We are also pleased to accept UK £ Sterling cheques from UK companies. UK £ Sterling only. Euro-Gas terms and conditions of sale apply. Copy available on request.