Benefits of Portable & Personal Gas Detectors

Our portable and personal monitors are trusted by industries and workers across the globe. We offer a gas detection monitor suited to each safety application, whether it be for single or multiple gas monitoring, and which offer a host of advantages and benefits:

  • Fast and reliable detection from the risks of toxic and flammable gases.
  • Compact, lightweight monitors for clip-on or belt with audible, visual and vibrating alarms.
  • Easy of use with one-button operation and preset alarm levels.
  • Easy to maintain. Servicing and calibration options. Low sensor drift, extended battery life and long life sensors enable low maintenance.
  • Inbuilt data and event logging capabilities reduce burden on plant controllers.
  • Explosion-proof designs and ATEX/UL certification for flammable atmospheres
  • Robust designs to withstand harsh and rugged environments, with dust filters and high resistance to Radio frequency Interference (RFI). Ingress protection (IP) rating of IP65 against dust and low pressure water jets. IP67 offers added ability to withstand immersion in liquids.

Clip: Maintenance free single gas monitor

Reliable and durable fixed life monitoring in a compact and maintenance free solution. Easy to use, event logging single gas detector with display for H2S, CO or O2. For users looking for a simple unit with display and event/alarm logging.

Gasman: Single gas monitor

Designed for use in the toughest environments, Gasman has loud and bright alarms in a compact solution. Single gas full function detection available for a wide range of gases. Detailed logging and high gas flexibility. Gasman is well suited as either an upgrade from disposable units or as a supplementary unit for exotic gases, for example on chemical plants. The Gasman CO2 is ideal for the hospitality and beverage industry and the Gasman CO filtered version is perfect for steel plants.