DIFFUSION MODEL – Infrared N2O Nitrous Oxide GasSense NDIR sensor with integrated digital & analogue output transmitter

Product Code: 2112B5022-N2O-DIFF

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Infrared N2O Nitrous Oxide GasSense NDIR high specification gas sensor with integrated digital & analogue output transmitter, 0-2000ppm or 0-100% volume N2O.

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DIFFUSION MODEL Infrared high specification N2O Nitrous Oxide GasSense NDIR sensor with integrated digital & analogue output transmitter.

Power supply: 9.0 – 24.0V d.c. 

Measuring Range: 0-2000ppm N2O

Sensor size: 306mm x 43mm x 48mm

Part no: 2112B5022-N2O-DIFF

  • Integrated digital and analogue (voltage) standard output
  • Incorporated signal linearisation and temperature compensation suited for manufacturers without any specialist knowledge in IR technology
  • Fast response
  • Wide operating temperature and humidity range
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide range of measurement options.
  • Smart sensor suitable for wireless applications.

The GasSense NDIR gas sensor, with integrated transmitter, is an innovative measurement module for the detection of N2O in diffusion applications including health and safety (models also available for detection of CO2, CO, CH4 or related hydrocarbons). The sensor can be easily integrated as an OEM component into controls, measurement systems and monitoring instruments.

The sensor uses dual channel Non-Dispersive Infrared Detection (NDIR) and detects the net increase or decrease of light that occurs at the wavelength where absorption of the detecting gas takes place. The light intensity is then correlated to gas concentrations.

To ensure a reliable and stable measurement, the module is temperature compensated. The gas cell has been designed using non-sequential ray tracing techniques in order to ensure the best compromise between accuracy and sensor dimensions. The GasSense electronic board features a native wireless module managed with Ultra Low Power techniques, a fault diagnostics system and a power module suited to manage charging and energy recovery systems. The GasSense sensor can be used by natural diffusion mode (or ask for the flow version that can utilise a pneumatic pump). 


Available options:
– GasSense accessories available for easy integration – please ask for details.
– Flow model versions in different measurement ranges.