NEW! CO2 Environmental Monitoring System

The new EMS Environmental Monitoring System is a low cost, high sensitivity CO2 and indoor air quality monitor. It incorporates our advanced C2 infrared Carbon Dioxide sensor and is designed for monitoring indoor air quality in hotels, schools, offices, homes and public buildings.

The affordable wall-mounted system measures the concentration of Carbon Dioxide in the air with a simple traffic light and buzzer alarm or the choice of analogue, digital or relay outputs for larger installation requirements. The system is completely configurable at time of ordering, allowing you to customise to meet your specific application needs.

The system is lightweight (100g) and can be hard wired or utilised with the option of a plug adaptor for mains power. The monitor can be wall mounted simply with the use of screws. As the monitor is so light, if choosing the optional plug adaptor, you could simply use a sticky-backed pad or velcro to mount if you do not wish to permanently fix to a wall.

There are additional options for the system to measure Oxygen concentration, temperature, atmospheric pressure and relative humidity. Also choose from numerous output types and communications interfaces, alongside a choice of precalibrated alarm levels. This makes the unit particularly ideal for indoor environmental monitoring for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) control.


– Customisable CO2 measuring ranges – choose from the standard 0-3000ppm or 0-5000ppm CO2 ranges, with other calibrated ranges on request.
– Traffic light LED indicators can be set to illuminate at your chosen CO2 levels.
– Additional options of Oxygen, pressure and temperature with humidity measurement.
– Combinations of output available on request: current; voltage; RS232; RS485 (both Modbus RTU); and relays with configurable switching levels.
– Low power 24Vdc supply voltage.
– Compact design.
– Maintenance free with long-term stability.
– Low unit cost.
– Part no: 2112B2300
– Available for general CO2 monitoring and indoor air quality, the monitor can be hard wired or powered via standard plug adaptor.
– Lightweight (100g) – for wall mounting via screws or velcro/sticky pad (not included).

Please contact us for more details.