Nitrogen Dioxide NO2 SS Gas Sensor – MICRO version, 0-100ppm

Product Code: 2112B012750a

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NO2 SS gas sensor in small MICRO pin version, 0-100ppm NO2

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Nitrogen Dioxide NO2 SS gas sensor in small MICRO pin version

Measuring Range: Standard: 0-100ppm NO2

Size: MICRO version

Part no: 2112B012750


The Nitrogen Dioxide SS sensor is a unique design of high performance electrochemical gas sensor with a low range option of 0-100ppm. This sensor is perfect for small portable, wireless or digital type of applications. Utilising solid electrolyte, the sensor offers a number of technological benefits:

  • Solid electrolyte is easier to handle with no housing or reservoir required. This means that the sensor can be provided in different packages, providing cost advantages for instrumentation and volume production when required.
  • The reading is fast with immediate adjustment to humidity and quick adjustment to temperature.
  • Production is fully automated ensuring quality and stability.
  • Lifetime is in excess of 3 years.
  • Response time of T50 <10 seconds and T90 <30 seconds.
  • Lower Detectable Limit of 100ppb.
  • No or low cross-sensitivities due to inbuilt filter.
  • Read further information on our solid state technology here.
  • Available with i2C digital and voltage precalibrated transmitter board.

Note: Please refer to individual datasheet for detailed information on this sensor and its dimensions.

Available options:

– NO2 i2C bus and voltage miniature precalibrated transmitter now available.

– NO2 SS Micro 0-50ppm and 0-1000ppm NO2 range versions.

– 4 series and 7 series standard size NO2 sensors also available – plus 4-20mA/voltage precalibrated transmitter options.