Oxygen O2 T7OXV 4-20mA transmitter, 0-25% vol

Product Code: 2112BTA2R-1A

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T7OXV 4-20mA transmitter including sensor, mounting nose and gas caps, 0-25% volume O2

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Oxygen O2 T7OXV 4-20mA transmitter including sensor, mounting nose and gas caps

Measuring Range: 0 – 25% vol. O2

Size: Please see datasheet

Part no: 2112BTA2R-1A

Power supply: 10-35Vdc. Output: 4-20mA

Where a complete precalibrated transmitters is required, the 7OX/V is a popular and cost effective solution for new users, installers or to reduce disruption of replacement into an existing gas measuring system. This 4-20mA transmitter is available, comprising a 7 series size oxygen sensor and a circular Surface Mount Design (SMD) printed circuit board (PCB). The prime features of this unit are ease of use, compactness and the ability to replace both sensor and electronics very quickly.DOWNLOAD DATASHEET

The PCB has an amplifier circuit to convert the microamp level output signal of the sensor to the industry standard 4-20 mA output for two-wire, remote monitoring systems. The circuit employed imposes no constraints on the sensor, so the performance characteristics of the sensor are unaltered by the addition of the circuit board.

Transmitters are fitted with a diffusion mounting assembly (the Mounting Nose) for convenient mounting and fast replacement in a wide range of weatherproof housings. It requires a 25 mm diameter hole in the outside wall of the housing to allow installation, and also features a calibration plug for easy zeroing and exposure to calibration gas. A bonded membrane and mesh is included to prevent the ingress of dirt and dust particles into the sensor.

Besides periodic recalibration, transmitters are maintenance-free, and should give faultless service throughout the working life of the sensor. It is a matter of customer choice whether the unit is replaced automatically after this time or when the sensor fails to calibrate.