Oxygen 4-O2-P gas sensor – solid state technology – 4 series size, 0-30% vol

Product Code: 2112B023140S

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4-O2-P gas sensor with new solid state technology in 4 series size, 0-30% volume O2

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Oxygen 4-O2-P gas sensor with new solid state technology in standard 4 SERIES size version

Measuring Range: 0 – 30% vol. O2

Size: 4 SERIES version

Part no: 2112B023140S (CLE-0231-40S)


The ‘P’ version O2 sensor is a unique design of high performance electrochemical gas sensor utilising solid electrolyte and offering a number of technological benefits:

  • Solid electrolyte is easier to handle with no housing or reservoir required. 
  • The reading is fast with immediate adjustment to humidity and quick adjustment to temperature.
  • Production is fully automated ensuring quality and stability.
  • Lifetime is in excess of 2 years.
  • Response time of T90 <30 seconds.
  • This sensor can be used in applications of high CO2 level.
  • A 3-electrode advanced sensor offering high stability.

Note: Please refer to individual datasheet for detailed information on this sensor and its dimensions.

Available options:

– Standard O2 sensors in popular 4 series size.

– O2 SL sensor with tags, 0-25% vol O2 (part no. 2112B4530)

– O2 SL 4-20mA transmitter including sensor and installation kit, 0-25% vol O2 (part no. 2112B4532)

– O2 gas measuring system – O2 SL sensor, 4-20mA transmitter and installation kit in aluminium housing, 0-25% vol O2 (part no. 2112B4533)

– O2 sensor complete with precalibrated i2c / voltage pluggable transmitter