Methane CH4 SC-403 semiconductor gas sensor

Product Code: SC-403

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KOMYO KITAGAWA SC-403 semiconductor gas sensor for Methane CH4, diffusion method, 0-2000ppm CH4

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KOMYO KITAGAWA SC-403 semiconductor gas sensor for combustible gases (diffusion method)

Standard measuring range:  0-2000ppm CH4. Maximum Overload: 0-5000ppm CH4

Part no: SC-403

Method: Diffusion type

DOWNLOAD DATASHEETThis diffusion type, high sensitivity hot-wire semiconductor gas sensor is for measurement of Methane CH4.

The sensor offers high sensitivity against lower concentrations and so is ideal for early gas leak detection. It offers humidity compensation with good zero and long-term stability. It is utilised for diffusion type gas detectors.

  • Excellent Methane selectivity
  • High sensitivity against lower concentration, so suitable for TLV alarm setting and early leak detection
  • Small zero drift, unaffected from humidity
  • Good long-term stability
  • Reliable sensor for Methane leak detection
  • Response time within 15 seconds at 62.5% response (2,000ppm)

Available for new gas detection applications and for sensor replacement in Komyo Kitagawa portable monitors and fixed gas detection systems.

Komyo Kitagawa gas detection systems utilising the SC-403 gas sensor:

– Fixed gas detection systems: suitable for Komyo fixed systems.  Please contact us with details of your fixed system/s for assistance.