Hydrogen Selenide SeH2 SensoriC Gas Sensors

Product Code: SensoriC SeH2 

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The SensoriC ranges of Hydrogen Selenide SeH2 sensors are available in standard 4 series version.

Where a transmitter solution is required, sensors are offered complete with precalibrated 4-20mA transmitters for low and higher measurement ranges.
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SensoriC toxic gas sensors are recognised worldwide for performance excellence, particularly in the detection of exotic gases. SensoriC has over 20 years of experience in the detection of more than 40 specialist gases. Originally focusing on hydride sensors measuring critical-to-manufacture toxic gases in semiconductor facilities, the SensoriC range now extends to specialist, high performance sensors for the detection of hard-to-measure gases in refrigeration, water treatment, plus many industrial hygiene applications. 

Note: Sensor graphics of these sensors are an example only and sensor cap/body colour may vary depending upon gas sensor type ordered or manufacturing modification. Please refer to individual datasheets for detailed information on these sensors and their corresponding dimensions.