Flammable Gases – 4LEL-4.25V-X Gas Sensor, 0-100% LEL enhanced

Product Code: 2112B6012400

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Flammable Gases - 4-LEL-4.25V-X Gas Sensor, 0-100% LEL (ATEx, IECEx and UL certified housing)

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Flammable/combustible gases – 4-LEL-4.25V-X sensor with enhanced features. Ideal for portable, fixed flammable and hydrocarbons gas detection applications
Measuring Range: 0-100% LEL
Sensor Size: 4 series
Part no: 2112B6012400 (CLL-6012-400)

The 4LEL-4.25V-X pellistor technology offers fast response and sensitivity to a large range of hydrocarbons for flammable gas detection levels. 

The ‘X’ version offers enhanced features of excellent:

  • long-term stability
  • H2S poison resistance


Pellistors allow you to reduce calibration requirements, increase customer confidence and repeat business. This is a metal housed sensor fitted with an integral flame arresting sinter, making it ideal for use in certified equipment. The sensor has ATEx, IECEx and UL approvals.

Note: Please refer to individual datasheet for detailed information on this item.

Available options:

– For flammable fixed gas detection applications, see our CAT16 pellistors (part no. 2112B2016).

– For flammable portable gas detection applications, see our CAT25 pellistors (part no. 2112B2125).

– For a complete transmitter solution, see our optional 4-20mA output transmitter (part no. 2112B1000) with test/calibration cap (part no. 2112B1010). MODBUS cards (part no. 2112B1010) and gas detection controllers (2112BGWZ-S2/4/6) are available to link functions upstream, such as alarms and ventilation, with our 4-20mA output transmitters.

– For infrared sensors, see our 4 and 7 series sized infrared sensors (part no. 2112BM4/P4), also available with voltage transmitter output or bridge type dc (part no. 2112BM4/P4-V).

– For high specification flow and process gas applications, and low range hydrocarbon measurements, please see our GasSense NDIR models (part no. 2112B5022)