Flammable Gases – CAT25 Catalytic Pellistor Elements, 0-100% LEL

Product Code: 2111B2125

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Flammable gases - CAT25 pellistor element pair, 0-100% LEL

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CAT25 Pellistor catalytic element pair for flammable/combustible gases. Ideal for portable gas detection applications 

Measuring Range: 0-100% LEL

Part no: 2112B2125

The CAT25 elements are 3.3V, 70mA, constant voltage, offering low power consumption for portable safety monitors, and with expected operating life of two years.  

The latest catalytic gas sensors from Sixth Sense offer new levels of poison resistance and lifetime for flammable gas detection. Sixth Sense pellistors allow you to reduce calibration requirements, increase customer confidence and repeat business.

All pellistors are attacked by certain vapours and in particular, by silicone and Hydrogen Sulphide. The CAT25 pellistors will survive up to 20 times longer than other ‘poison resistant’ sensors. Sixth Sense pellistors often exhibit lifetimes in excess of five years. CAT25 elements are small sized and suitable for portable gas detection instruments. DOWNLOAD DATASHEET

Note: Please refer to individual datasheet for detailed information on this item.

Available options:

– For flammable fixed gas detection applications, see our CAT16 pellistors (part no. 2112B2016).

– For a complete sensor solution, see the Zellpell sensor (part no. 2118B0106), which offers CAT25 in certified housing. The Zellpell sensor also has optional 4-20mA output transmitter (part no. 2112B1000) with test/calibration cap (part no. 2112B1010). MODBUS cards and gas detection controllers are available to link functions upstream, such as alarms and ventilation, with our 4-20mA output transmitters.

– For infrared sensors, see our 4 and 7 series sized infrared sensors (part no. 2112BM4/P4), also available with voltage transmitter output or bridge type dc (part no. 2112BM4/P4-V).