Combustible gases, SC-404S semiconductor gas sensor, suction/pumped type, 0-500ppm

Product Code: SC-404S

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KOMYO KITAGAWA SC-404S semiconductor gas sensor for combustible gases, suction/pumped method, high VOC sensitivity, 0-500ppm

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KOMYO KITAGAWA SC-404S semiconductor gas sensor for Methane CH4 (suction/pumped method), high VOC sensitivity.

Measuring range:  0-500ppm CH4

Part no: SC-404S

Method: Suction/pumped type

DOWNLOAD DATASHEETThis suction/pumped type, high sensitivity hot-wire semiconductor gas sensor is for measurement of combustible gases, with high VOC sensitivity.

The sensor offers high VOC sensitivity and humidity compensation with good zero and long-term stability. It is utilised for suction/pumped type gas detectors. 

  • High sensitivity to VOC concentrations
  • Small zero drift, unaffected by humidity
  • Good long-term stability
  • Measuring range is from 0 to 500ppm

Available for new gas detection applications and for sensor replacement in Komyo Kitagawa portable monitors and fixed gas detection systems.

Komyo Kitagawa gas detection systems utilising the SC-404S gas sensor:

– Fixed gas detection systems: suitable for Komyo fixed systems.  Please contact us with details of your fixed system/s for assistance.