Mini CO KCS-7 Gas Sensor, 0-500ppm

Product Code: KCS-7

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KOMYO KITAGAWA KCS-7 Mini Carbon Monoxide CO Gas Sensor, 0-500ppm

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Mini CO gas sensor

Measuring range:  0-500ppm CO

Part no: KCS-7

DOWNLOAD DATASHEETThe Mini CO gas sensor offers linear output with high accuracy.

    • Linear output with high accuracy
    • Miniature size (17.5×20.0x5.0mm)
    • Low power consumption (no need to heat)
    • No deterioration by silicon, sulphur and halogen compound vapours

Komyo Kitagawa gas detection systems utilising the KCS-5P H2S gas sensor:

– Fixed gas detection systems: suitable for Komyo fixed systems.  Please contact us with details of your fixed system/s for assistance.