LXH CO Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor, 0-200ppm, Low Hydrogen Cross-Sensitivity

Product Code: 2112B3008

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LXH CO sensor with low Hydrogen cross-sensitivity, 0-200ppm Carbon Monoxide

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ECO-Sure (2e) LXH version CO Carbon Monoxide sensor with low Hydrogen cross-sensitivity

Measuring Range: 0-200ppm.

Size: 4 series

Part no: 2112B3008

Where it is important to utilise a Carbon Monoxide sensor offering low Hydrogen cross-sensitivity, the LXH CO sensor is ideal. Available as a single sensor, in combination with a 4-20mA transmitter or as a complete housed solution.

DOWNLOAD DATASHEETThis sensor is popular for medical applications and particularly for smoking cessation. The two-electrode LXH CO sensor is designed for the detection of Carbon Monoxide in air, where Hydrogen may be present as a cross-interferent. The primary application of the LXH sensor is for the measurement of Carbon Monoxide in breath, making this sensor ideal for monitoring equipment utilised in ‘stop smoking’ programmes.

Available accessories:

– 4-20mA transmitter (part no. 2112B1006)

– Installation kit (part no. 2112B1002)

– Gas Measuring System (part no. 2112B1014). Gas detection controllers and MODBUS cards also available.

– Test/calibration gas cap (part no. 2112B1010)