3-CO-500 Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor, 0-500ppm CO

Product Code: 2112B0052300

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3-CO-500 Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor, 0-500ppm CO, small compact size

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3-CO-500 Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor

Measuring Range: 0-500ppm CO. Maximum Overload: 1500ppm CO

Size: 3 mini series

Part no: 2112B0052300  (CLE-0052-300)

The 3-CO-500 is a high quality, cost effective electrochemical cell designed for the detection of Carbon Monoxide in air. This 3-electrode robust sensor is ideal for both fixed and portable CO applications and offers the benefit of small compact size. 


This CO sensor has fast response and recovery time, high stability and is robust at humidity and temperature extremes.