Carbon Dioxide CO2 Gas Measuring System, 0-5%

Product Code: 2112B9050

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Carbon Dioxide CO2 Gas Measuring System – CO2 C3 sensor, 4-20mA or 0.1-10V transmitter and installation kit in aluminium housing, 0-5% volume CO2

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Carbon Dioxide CO2 Gas Measuring System – CO2 C3 sensor, 4-20mA or 0.1-10V transmitter and installation kit in aluminium housing. PG11 cable gland.

Measuring Ranges: 0-5% VOLUME CO2

Size: Includes C3 industrial infrared CO2 sensor

Part no: 2112B9050

Power supply: 24V d.c.  Output: 4-20mA or 0.1-10V

Available for general CO2, indoor air quality or industrial monitoring, the C3 infrared sensors offer long-term stability in a compact, cost-effective package. Available as sensors with 4-20mA transmitters or as this complete housed solution. Test gas cap and calibration software accessories are also available.

The innovative material and construction of a double beam infrared measuring system ensures Carbon Dioxide is detected quickly and precisely with T90 response time of 30 seconds. A new digital algorithm evaluates and processes the measured signals, offering long-term stability in a lightweight, compact and cost-effective package.

The infrared measuring system detects the absolute Carbon Dioxide content of ambient air and monitors itself constantly, signalling if there is a malfunction of its hardware or software.

The Gas Measuring System determines the concentration of CO2 gas in the air at ambient temperatures of -10° C to +50° C. Housing is aluminium and suitable for wall mounting, providing an easy solution for the measurement of CO2.

Basic processing and output of the measured values (linear output, 4-20 mA) are integrated into the measuring system. Evaluation and further processing of the measured values occur in downstream devices selected by the user (for example, ventilation systems, limit monitors, display, programmable logic controllers).


Note: Please refer to individual datasheet for detailed information on this item.

Available options:

– Test Gas Cap and installation ring with screws suitable for CO2 infrared C3 sensors (part no. 2112B1011)

– Test and calibration software for all CO2 infrared C3 sensors including data cable 2.5 metres for test and calibration software (part no. 2112B9075)

– Gas detection controller (part nos. 2112BGWZ-S2/-S4/-S6)

– MODBUS card (part nos. 2112B1050/2112B1055)

– Replacement gas sensor transmitter module (part no. 2112B7000/2112B7050)

– CO2 gas measuring system – heavy duty C3 infrared CO2 sensor with 4-20mA output transmitter in aluminium housing (0.1-10V output available on request), low ppm ranges (part no. 2112B9000)

– Indoor air quality infrared CO2 monitor, 0-3000ppm (part no. 2112B8000)

– ‘Luftgüte’ mobile indoor air quality CO2 monitor with traffic light option including plug (power supply via mains adaptor), 0-3000ppm (part no. 2112B8000-TLM)

– ‘Luftgüte’ two relay indoor air quality infrared CO2 monitor with traffic light option (part no. 2112B8000-TLR)

– For alternative ranges of infrared CO2 sensors, please see our C1/C2 miniature sensors or C4 4&7 series sized gas detection sensors