C2 Miniature Infrared CO2 Gas Transmitter, Voltage Output

Product Code: 2112BC2-V

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C2 ultra low power (3.5mW) infrared CO2 sensor with analogue voltage transmitter, 0-5%, 0-20%, 0-60% or 0-100% CO2

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C2 ultra low power (3.5mW), high range, Infrared CO2 sensor with analogue voltage output transmitter

Measuring Ranges: Standard: 0-5% vol. Optional: 0-20% vol.; 0-60% vol. ; 0-100% vol. CO2. Other ranges available on request.

Size: Miniature

Part no: 2112BC2-V

Optional temperature and humidity output available (serial output only).

Our miniature sensors are fast response, ultra low power 3.5mW, solid state, infrared sensors for an extensive range of applications. This exciting technology brings fast response, real time sensing plus high accuracy and long-term stability. Available as a sensor with digital or analogue transmitter and offering a USB cable.

The sensors are particularly ideal for portable and battery powered instruments. Measurement of CO2 is offered in real time, 2 readings per second, or as an averaged/integrated response signal, which can be selected depending upon the application. High performance LEDs and photodiodes offer low power, fast response, intrinsic safety and sunlight immunity. This sensor technology benefits from being a semiconductor ensuring it is very stable over many years, is resistant to environmental effects, such as humidity and poisoning, and is usable over a wide temperature range, with little environmental impact. For further information on the technology, please see our CO2 Infrared Technology Information.

Analogue and digital electronic interface options provide a temperature compensated and linearised CO2 measurement that can be customised to suit specific customer requirements. Popular applications for this sensor include HVAC and IAQ, diving, automotive, education, industrial safety and horticulture. 


Available options:

– Temperature and humidity chip, serial output – ask for add on details

– RS232 transmitter option (part no. 2112BC2)

– Gas flow adaptor housing (part no. 2112BC12-H)

– USB cable (part no. 2112BC12USB)

– For faster speed CO2 sensing, see our HIGH SPEED version (part no. 2112BC2SPD).

– For low range CO2 measurement, please see our C1 infrared sensor (part no. 2112BC1/2112BC1-V)