Phosphine PH3

The City Technology ranges of Phosphine sensors are available in standard 4 series size versions.

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As global leaders in the design and manufacture of gas detection sensors, City Technology is trusted by millions worldwide. City sensors are at the heart of personal and fixed gas detection, monitoring and life saving systems across the globe. Sensor ranges include electrochemical, pellistor (catalytic bead), infrared, PID and MMOS sensors for detecting oxygen, toxic gases, flammable gases and VOCs used in automotive, medical, emissions monitoring, industrial safety and hygiene applications.


Note: Graphics of these sensors are an example only and sensor cap/body colour may vary depending upon gas sensor type ordered or manufacturing modification. Please refer to individual datasheets for detailed information on these sensors and their corresponding dimensions.

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  • Product code: 2112BAP210-800 4PH-FAST Phosphine gas sensor, 0-5ppm PH3 4PH-FAST Phosphine gas sensor, 0-5ppm PH3