Benefits of the GazCal Chlorine Gas Generator

  Gazcal Chlorine Gas Generator

    • Provides 0.5 – 20.0 ppm concentrations in 0.1 ppm steps. An accurate concentration of gas is provided every time.
    • Available in 0.5 and 1.0 litre per minute flow rate options.
    • Dial-up digital display ensures ease of setting the required ppm level. Can be used by non-technical personnel.
    • Cell life indicator shows effective life of the generation cell.
    • Mains or rechargeable battery operation.
    • Internal pump provides air flow.
    • Compact and rugged construction for the most aggressive environments. Suitable for test and calibration in the laboratory and on-site.
    • Literally thousands of calibrations can be carried out by one generating cell. Once the effective life of the cell is over, a new generating cell can be installed.
    • Precalibration options enable the user to specify calibration of unit for their application: Low range at 1ppm & 3ppm; Mid range at 5ppm & 10ppm or Full range at 10ppm & 20ppm.
    • Does not require warm-up time.
    • Can be used for calibration of chlorine measuring equipment and for the cross-calibration of Chlorine Dioxide ClO2, Ozone O3 and Fluorine F3 equipment.